How to Create a Custom View for SharePoint 2010 Survey

As you all know creating a custom view for SharePoint in-built survey list is not there by default. But this is a required feature in some cases. For example if you want to filter survey responses by an answer to a particular question, then having a view with that question is handy. 

So here is a workaround:

01. First of all find the survey ID. We can do that by navigating to survey settings and Find query string parameter “List” from the browser URL.


02. You won’t find ‘Create View” option in the ribbon or anywhere, but can access that page by directly accessing from the URL. So visit “Create View” page using the URL:

http://<server>/_layouts/ViewType.aspx?List=<List ID from previous step>

03. In order to create a new View, click on “All Responses” link from “Start from an existing view” section.

04. In the Create View page, provide a “View Name”, select Columns and set any other settings. Click OK.

That is it! View can be accessed from the URL: http://<server>/Lists/<survey name>/<view name>.aspx

“Detailed” is the custom view that I created and shown in the above screenshot.