Setup Multiple SharePoint Web Applications on Port 80 with Https Binding on Port 443

Approach described here involves Host Header names to host multiple sites from one IP address in IIS server.
Create Web Applications using Host headers
Create a SharePoint web application with the host header in port 80. So the URL for this web application will be http:// Also I specified a name ‘WTU’ for the IIS web site as shown below.

Create another SharePoint web application with the host header in port 80.

So my web application listing in the central admin will look like as:

Update Host file
Then we have to map above web application URLs to the local loopback address. For that we need to update host file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts) as below.

Create HTTPS binding
In order to enable Https browsing for these web applications on the default port 443, we have to add https bindings. For that we need a SSL certificate. We can create a self-signed certificate in the IIS by IIS Server -> Server Certificates -> Create Self-Signed Certificate. In my case I creates a certificate called *
Select the IIS Web site; select Bindings… from the action pane and use Add option to create an https site binding by specifying host name and SSL certificate as below.
Repeat the same procedure for each web application. Specify the correct host name of the web application.

Configure alternate access mappings
Go to ‘Application Management’ -> ‘Configure alternate access mappings’ in SharePoint central administration and use ‘Add Internal URLs’ option to create alternate access mappings for each web application. Map the correct https Url as below.

So the alternate access mappings listing will look like:

That’s it!
Note: Still you might not be able to browse these web applications (after creating site collections). In that case follow this article: Unable to browse SharePoint web site (


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Thanks, worked perfectly. Just what I needed to get the additional web application working.

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Great it worked for me also whatever web application I have added to my site are know perfectly working. free SharePoint