Virtual Reality and Migration to Virtual Space

Abstract: Virtual Reality is an artificial environment created by computers in which people can immerse themselves and get the sense of a real environment. It is a way for humans to visualize, manipulate and interact with computers and extremely complex data. This technology allows a user to interact with a computer simulated environment, which can be real or imagined one. Virtual Reality environments are varying from visual experiences to simulations with sensory information and getting popular in several areas like trainings in health care, treatments for anxiety disorders, learning environments, business and marketing, entertainment and scientific visualization. This paper briefs the application of Virtual Reality in some of above areas, technologies used, problems caused, and the quality of the interaction.

This is the abstract of the literature survey conducted by me as my final year independent study in the University. If anyone interested in this area here is the link for full document.
It should be noted that, this is not based on any research conducted by me, but a literature survey of studying research papers. I have maintained the complete list of referred papers in the document.