Imagine Cup 2008 – Sri Lanka Finals

The long waiting event among university students/ high educational institutes of Sri Lanka, the Imagine Cup 2008 final round of the local competition happened yesterday. Once again a team from University of Moratuwa consisting 2 members from Faculty of Information Technology and 2 members from Faculty of Engineering won the competition. Well done team!!!.

2nd Place (1st runner-up) of the competition went to a project called "EDUMS" from Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) and 3rd place again won by a project called "Cleaning License Management System" form University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Engineering.

This is the 4th consecutive time a team from University of Moratuwa won the competition. Competition held on last 3 years, won by teams from University of Moratuwa, Faculty of Information Technology.

The winning team will represent Sri Lanka in the global finals in Paris, France. Congratulations team and bring the pride to Sri Lanka.

Well. That is one side of the story. On the other side can we satisfied with the overall standard with the event this time. In my personal view I see the standard become decreasing year by year. I know this is not the feeling only of me, as I discussed with other regular Imagine Cup fans, they too feeling this. I know organizing of this kind of event in this scale is not an easy task. But as a winner of 2006 competition I feel the standard must be persisted. The support given to presenting teams, specially the basic facilities was not up to the level and the time management of overall event is another concern. Priority must be given to presentations, to run them smoothly, because presentations are the expectation of audience. Wish the organizers too have noticed this and hope to see 2009 event in good quality.

Again well done teams…

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Chathurika Sandarenu said...

I also agree with you Prasad. This time lot of time was waisted in between presentations. Lot of time was taken for set up by teams. We can't blame them because as I heard that is mainly due to the problems with Projectors. I think organizers have to put bit more attention to those things.
And also I think teams have to think out of the box. For last 4 years we have seen decrease in innovative ideas.

Any way Congratulations to the winners......